This young starry couple to marry soon!?

Updated By VankayaTue, 02/06/2018 - 18:23
This young starry couple to marry soon!?

Little birdies in Tollywood gossip section have been chirping about this young couple who acted in a not so successful romantic film, relentlessly.

They have been saying that both are them are more than just "Good Friends" and the matter has gone up to their parents as well. But it has been played down by both the starlet and young hero, as a rumour and they almost never appear together ever. 

So, many thought this could be a gossip created for media attention during the film release. But when a senior actor praised the hero, few started seeing that as a sign of close proximity between their respective families. 

Well, we got the latest on that from a close source of the actors that the gossip is true. The young couple is indeed serious and they have got the parents approval too.

Until, it is announced officially, let's make a pact and keep it as an open secret! Hush .. hush .. 

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