Jr. NTR's Aravindha Sametha Veera Raghava Movie Review

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Jr. NTR's Aravindha Sametha Veera Raghava Movie Review

Jr. NTR and Trivikram Srinivas came together for the first time. They decided to make a faction movie which seems to an outdated choice. But an in-form Trivikram Srinivas can make the movie a must watch. After Agnyathavasi, can he bounce back? Let's discuss ... 


Basi Reddy (Jagapathi Babu) starts a feud between two villages due to a simple ego issue. Narappa Reddy (Nagababu) reacts to it emotionally and this gives rise to a faction feud. They both decide to contest in elections and Basi Reddy attacks Narappa Reddy's goons and gang when he receives his son, Veera Raghava (Jr. NTR) who is returning from city after completing his studies. 

A war breaks out between the groups and Veera Raghava looses his father in the fight. He almost kills Basi Reddy and his son, Bal Reddy (Naveen Chandra) swears to kill Veera Raghava. What Raghava does after that and how Aravinda becomes a drive for him to try to end the long feud, forms the rest of the story ... 


Jr. NTR elevated a routine script with his characteristic energy and inspired performance. Right from the first scene to the final scene, he lived as Veera Raghava on screen and his performance is the major asset for the film. Him speaking Trivikram's dialogues on screen is a delight. 

Pooja Hegde surprised with her performance. She used the opportunity very well and left an impression. Eesha Rebba had few good scenes. Subhaleka Sudhakar, Supriya Pathak, Sithara, Eshwari Reddy, Sithara and Rao Ramesh did a great job. Sunil seems to have comeback as a comedian for good! 


Naveen Nooli could have done a better job as an editor as the movie suffered with pace issues. He could have cut some unnecessary scenes and also the edit looks clumsy at many places. 

P.S. Vinod the cinematographer of the film, made an honest attempt to give context and texture to all the ideas of Trivikram and he did his best. 

Penchal Das and Trivikram, the writers of the movie brought in an authentic feel to the proceedings which is a new to any faction drama. But the screenplay they tried is a little undercooked as the freshness factor lies in conversations but not the scenes.  

Trivikram Srinivas, the director did not undermine the writer in him. He tried to elevate each scene and each emotion that he wrote on paper. The problem is that he choose to tell an old story and the execution needed even fresh approach from him. Still, with what he had, he tried to make a mence and actor NTR saved him. 

SS Thaman is the major culprit for this film. He tried his best to kill the real emotion with his uninspiring lethargic score. He could have elevated the movie to next level but he used Ram Ruthiram in loop for major fights and comedy templates for comic scenes. He needed to rise his game for the film. 


Jr. NTR - The Actor 

Trivikram's pen power in major sequences 

Pooja Hegde's decent portrayal 

Execution of fights and scenes that are important to story 

Little Conversations that drive story 

Nothing looks forced. 


Thaman's songs and BGM

A 20 minutes portion in second half that brings restlessness 

Predictability and Familiarity factors in story 

Comedy scenes that don't involve Sunil or NTR 


Majority of the issues in any film would rise from script and the selection of cast. If your script becomes a compilation of good patches and bad patches, it seems like an uneven and incoherent one. But when your script has a flow, your scenes have a purpose, even you tell an old story, it holds up well. Here Trivikram tried to be coherent and straight forward in his screenplay. He did deviate for a second from story. Aravinda had a purpose and her family is shown as much as we need to know. He followed script writing principals and even brought in authentic setting to the Rayalaseema story, without going for glossy and grandeur sets.

While he did his work as a director and writer, to present his story with a purpose, his purpose seemed to make a faction movie that is authentic to old times and not completely relevant to today's Wi-Fi and Hi-Five generation. He managed to not fall into the traps of his vices and conduct himself better. In Khaleja, he lost himself in some hot winds of comedy, here he tried to maintain a balance for everything. But the predictability and familiarity factor, been there seen that feeling, will leave us with a feeling of wanting more. After an all-time career low like Agnyathavasi, this is a fine comeback from writer and director, Trivikram. A family faction film that we can watch one time. 

Rating: 2.75/5 


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