What about these Bigg Boss constestants?

Updated By VankayaFri, 10/12/2018 - 14:50
Bigg Boss 2 constestants

After a lot of controversies and hungama, the second season of ‘Bigg Boss’ has ended. Many people think that this show would give them a huge craze and great offers which boosts their career. But, expect Kaushal who got a huge craze from this show, what about other contestants? Let us have a look at them.

Participating in this program is of no use to anchor Shyamala as she is a known face and has lot of offers in her kitty. She is the go-to anchor for many events in the absence of biggies like Suma and Jhansi. Same is the condition of Geetha Madhuri who has fans for her singing skills.

But, this show brought craze to some fading out actors like Tanish, Samrat, Tejaswi and Pooja. Except Tejaswi who became host of a comedy show, none of the others got mileage for their careers. People like Bhanu and Nandini Rai too got some recognition because of this show. But, we need to see how far this craze could help them.

Seems like these people too are going to meet with the same fate like the first season’s contestants. People like Sivabalaji, Navdeep, Mumaith Khan, Archana and others went unnoticed in the industry despite initial craze. Just like their careers, their social media fan base like Kaushal Army, Geetha Warriors and Tanish Task forces and others too will be drowning just like titanic.


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