Bewars Movie Review

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Bewars Movie Review

Many movies release every other week and this week, along with Aravindha Sametha, Bewars, a movie that Rajendra Prasad talked so much about and so emotionally released. Let's discuss how it is ...  


Lucky (Sanjosh) is a person who doesn't take anything seriously. He is frustrated that his father Satyamurthy (Rajendra Prasad) doesn't understand him at all. While Satyamurthy wants to see his son in a job soon, Lucky has his own aspirations. His sister is unable to find a right balance between her brother and father. How will her life changes with one incident and how it infilcts their lives? Watch the movie for answers ... 


Rajendra Prasad tried his best to induce life into a character that Kota Srinivasa Rao and Chandramohan, Tanikella Bharani did in many movies. An actor of Rajendra Prasad needed even better scenes and depth to his character. Still he made his presence felt.  

Sanjosh debuted as the lead actor in this movie. If he doesn't improve his skills, he won't be even cast in serials further. Abhi already a known serial actor disappointed too. All others are forgettable. 


K. Chittibabu failed to give any depth to sequences that just come and go like a series of events that ee can't care about. His work is the most disappointing among all.

Sunil Kashyap's music is forgettable and even the most hyped up song seems like a rework of the composer himself. He just worked a film for a paycheck. 

M.R. Varma the editor of the film, decided to just make a cut out of the footage he is given. There is no proper flow or smooth run in the film at all. 

Ramesh Cheppala, writer and director of the film tries to emulate Puri Jagannadh's hero character in his film. Also, he used the scenes from Puri's famous films like Pokiri and Idiot. The story also seems like the director wanted to make a Puri film for sure rather than his film. He lethargically crafted few sequences that make no sense and executed them even badly. It seems like he made a film just for the sake of letting people know how they shouldn't make a movie. 


Rajendra Prasad's performance. 


Senseless story 

Bad Execution

Lethargic screenplay 

Over the Top performances 


Some movies are made just for the purpose of making them. One fails to understand the real reason behind spending so much money on a film that mostly looks like a spoof of other films that you an unfunny one. Also, this movie doesn't have a good story that makes sense. Director and all the cast and crew, seems to have worked for money and they had no other purpose or story to tell. 

Rating:: 1/5 


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