Nikisha's bikini pics

Updated By VankayaSat, 10/06/2018 - 10:16
Nikisha Patel

Some actresses never become stars. Yet, they manage to glimmer with their glamour..Nikisha Patel is one such actress. Ten years ago, she did Komuram Puli with none other than Pawan Kalyan.

The is counted among Pawan’s biggest flops. From then on, Nikisha couldn’t do anything worth the while. But, all these years, she managed to stay afloat and get noticed. How? Through her sizzling photographs that find their way to the social media with unfailing regularity.

The lass is now in Greece on a vacation. From the sultry and salubrious environs, he posted her bikini pics. The black bikini highlights her perfectly toned body and there she is, unwinding on the marble tiled steps of the pool. She looks every inch a Greek Goddess.

And BTW, she hasn’t forgotten Pawan Kalyan and sent him birthday greetings on September 7.


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