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Amala Paul, the South Indian beauty, seems to be facing all the wrath of Government and Police at a time. She tried to evade tax by faking her address to buy a luxury car and did not Rs. 20 lakhs of custom tax. 

It is evident that Sanjana came to Bigg Boss season-2, to attract common viewers and become popular. She had been open about it even in the house. Indirectly, she tried to poke at every person.

How did the Tollywood sex racket operate? Though many knew that a racket existed, only a few know the code words used by the actresses and the persons seeking sexual favours for money. Most of these sleaze deals are fixed during the cultural events organized by the plethora of organizations.

Most heroines begin with a slim figure and slowly begin to put on weight. As time passes by, they go out of shape. But Telugu girl Anjali is the exact opposite. Most of her roles in Tamil films were performance oriented and this required no slimming.

Thanks to Kaushal, Bigg Boss on its Day 8, looked a bit more romantic and also the new glamour added to the show, made it a bit more funny. 

Sanjana Anne, the Vijayawada model who won Miss Hyderabad, last year, got famous as a Bigg Boss Contestant. She got evicted only after one week and seemed to be highly upset about it. 

Actors live and dream about Awards and rewards. They want to be recognized big time for their efforts. But Vijay Devarakonda, after receiving his first Filmfare Award, decided to donate it to Telangana Chief Minister Relief Fund. 

Mahesh Babu is in Dehradun, shooting for his next film, Mahesh25, in the direction of Vamshi Paidipally. Allari Naresh too confirmed his arrival at Dehradun airport.

Some people might find it unfair to compare two actors and some might like it. But if you do not compare with the best and the worst, you will never really know where do you stand and how to improve. There is a healthy way to do things and we are just trying to encourage that. 

We have been hearing about how Telugu Film Industry is becoming a place for all the pimps to run their malicious skin business. Now, Kishan and Chandra couple in USA are caught by FBI with proofs.