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Mass director Boyapati Sreenu is known for his high budget mass entertainers. Now, he teamed up with Ram Charan for his next and the shooting for this flick is under progress. Earlier, there were rumours that this film would have a Rajasthani backdrop.

Everyone is curious to know about the celebs. This fan fad extends to celeb’s relatives too. Naturally, most Mega fans also follow Cherry’s wife Upasana. In fact, Upasana gives more updates than Cherry himself through her social media accounts.

If two popular actors like Mahesh Babu and Bunny, aka Allu Arjun, fight with each other at the box office, that will lead to a crisis at the box office. 

Amyra Dastur, has become famous Nationally with her looks and acting skills. She is seen as the best prospect for future films. 

But somehow she is unable to find that telling success in her career, even though she acted in Hindi, Telugu, Tamil and Chinese too.

Kajal Aggarwal’s career had a mysterious bounce-back at  a time when everyone wrote her off. She has her hands full with projects and as someone who makes hay while the sun shines, she is accepting offers right left and centre with both young and senior heroes alike.

Tapsee Pannu created an uproar because of her coments on how she is given more roles that needed to show her as an eye-candy, in Telugu movies than in other languages.

Super Star Krishna’s daughter Manjula is a consummate actress and a fine producer. She has turned a director with Manasuku Nachchindi. She also promoted the film very well. She said and did right things.She roped in brother Mahesh Babu to give voiceover for the film.

Rajamouli knows how to keep the audience fixated on his film. The audience will always be eager for even small updates.

Hot Beauty, Neetu Chandra is mostly known for her conservative roles in Cinema. She maintained her physique over the years, but never turned too bold. 

Ram Gopal Verma, who enjoys the publicity by going to controversial debates on popular news channels, seems to have got fed up of all the buzz. He has decided to file a case against one of the top channels that promotes him, by dissing him continuously.