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Mohan Babu has been resting more these days to let his body recover from all the years of stress. Still, whenever he participates in shoots, some or the other injury is hampering his health.

These days, News channels have been broadcasting so much of the content they like to be in discussion for the aje of TRPs, rather than the real news. While many issues have been neglected few channels resorted to personal targeting of few families and few heroes as well.

The producers in the film industry are trying to ban the TV news channels because of the negativity and hatred that the channels are spreading. The producers are considering that the news channels have chosen Tollywood as a soft target, but in reality, it is an impossible task.

One expected that Chiru would take that place. He donated for some causes, helped ailing Gundu Hanumantha Rao and brought out a book on Dasari. 

He has also been attending film functions of late. All these gave an impression that he would emerge as the next patriarch of the industry. 

Power Star Pawan Kalyan has been telling about his TV show which might become the mother of all shows. 

Today morning, he hinted about the same on his Twitter profile and also made an appeal to TS police to initiate an investigation into the 6-month slander campaign.

Ram Charan Tej, is known as one of the coolest stars of Telugu Cinema, who doesn't have ego problems with anyone. 

Adah Sharma, the young model turned actress talked about the current boiling topic, Casting couch.

NTR biopic is happening as we speak and many fans want to know, if Nandamuri heroes will all be seen in the film. Nandamuri Balakrishna is acting as NTR and also producing the movie. 

Fans of big stars have turned everything into an ugly fan war starting from appearance to collections to story selection to personal lives. They will abuse the actor they don't like and will try to post any number they please to fight it out.

Telugu Film Industry is shaken up by Casting Couch controversy with many women coming out and abusing those who have taken advantage of them, publicly. It went a notch up due to Sri Reddy nude protest and abusing Pawan Kalyan, unnecessarily.