Sunil puts all eggs in Trivikram's basket

Updated By VankayaWed, 10/10/2018 - 13:08
Sunil puts all eggs in Trivikram's basket

Sunil did some really memorable roles as a comedian. His comic touch, unique dialogue delivery have won him several fans. Somewhere along, he graduated to hero’s roles. Initially, he had some hits, but then, his career began to nosedive. His films flopped badly forcing him to rething about playing the hero.

Initially, he did not pay heed to well-meaning suggestions about doing comedy roles. But, later, he had to give in and do Silly Fellows with Allari Naresh. This film too bombed at the boxoffice.

Now, he has pinned all his hopes on his long-time best buddy Trivikram Srinivas’s Aravinda Sametha. In this film, he plays Neelambari, a garage worker and a side-kick of NTR. He becomes an ardent follower of NTR after he helps him out during former’s troubles. The role has both comedy and emotional touch. Sunil is now banking on this film to resuscitate his sagging career.

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