Why I broke up with my boyfrined?

Updated By VankayaMon, 10/08/2018 - 09:59
Rashmika Maddanna

Rashmika Maddanna is Tollywood’s hottest property today. He forayed with Chalo and Geetha Govindam catapulted her to stardom. After this success, the producers haven’t stopped queuing up at her residence with stories. So huge is the demand for her that she had to cancel her engagement as marriage means a full stop to her film career.

In a recent media interview, she came clean about the engagement, breakup and her career. She said her parents have given her so much freedom that she treats her mom as her best buddy. She said she used to joke with her that all her friends had boyfriends and that she too wants one. Her mom used to quip and introduce boys to her.

She said she fell in love with Rakshit during the shooting of Kirrik Party. She said the first person she told about the love was her mom. Her mother told her that they wouldn’t come in her way. But, there were small yet significant differences between Rakshit and she. Rashmika said that they have decided to break the engagement on mutual consent as they did not want the differences to get deepened further. “Currently my only love is films,” she quipped.


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