Ramulamma to tour 430 mandals

Updated By VankayaWed, 10/03/2018 - 14:15
Ramulamma to tour 430 mandals

‘Ramulamma’ Vijayasanthi is roaring into action and is all set to launch a campaign blitzkrieg for the Telangana assembly elections. But, there were doubts about where she would contest from. Now Vijayasanthi herself as given clarity This time around, she is not going to contest the elections. Her focus would be mainly on the campaign. She said all her energies would be focused on bringing the Congress back to power in Telangana.

If the Congress sources are to be believed, the party has drawn up her tour programme in such a way that she would cover all the 430 mandals int eh state. So, expect Ramulamma to launch the campaign and turn the heat on the ruling TRS. Sources also reveal that she would be more interested in contesting for the Lok Sabha. She already has an assurance from Rahul Gandhi that she would be given a Rajya Sabha seat.

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