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We all like to live our lives that way we desire it to be. We don't want any kind of obstacles or disturbances of any sort in our path. If such a thing arises we tend to think we lost everything and end up losing ourselves. But is it necessary?

Some journeys last long in our memories due to the kind of experience they end up being. Memorable, unforgettable and absolutely great. Few journeys are also memorable because of the bad experiences we have faced during them.

It is apparent that teen pregnancy is seen as a crime in India. We believe it is better to abort than let the young girl face consequences of her action.

In a world of silence, we just suffer all the harmful affects of others actions. We neither have voice to speak out nor do we look to hear and heed to the sound advice. Unknowingly, we push others to blindly suffocate and suffer as we don't try to hear and care about their problems.

Nature has its own ways of bringing two people together, they could be lovers, friends, or even two people who have similar personalities and face. We witnessed two people, Krishna from Akkurthi in Chittoor meeting Arjun, a Rockstar from Prague over an issue.

Love is seen as universe and destiny guiding us to find our life partner. Even when we know that this person we met will be correct for us to spend our life, we hesitate due to many reasons.

There is a death of pure village films in Telugu Cinema. Rangasthalam is the new village film with Ram Charan Tej and Samantha Akkineni as leads alongside Adhi Pinisetty, Naresh, Anasuya and Jagapathi Babu in good characters.  In Sukumar's writing and direction, the movie came out on 30th March.

Even in 21st century, child labour is a huge problem in few fragments of our society. People never understand the value of education as they see it as a means of settlement and making money rather than gaining knowledge that will help them further in their life.

There is always an undefined tension in a father and son relationship. Father wants his son to behave like him and how society feels he should be, while son wants to be himself. This dynamic always creats a tension and in some cases it even becomes a root cause for severed relationship.

Nikhil Siddhartha after Keshava last year, came back with Kirrak Party now. The movie released on 16th March across two Telugu states. He after a long time, tried to go back to his college days actually, Happy Days, with this film.