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Few people grow and learn all the time. Their world theories and wisdom always reflects in their work, however subverted they might be. It may not seem always enjoyable or you may have to concentrate too much on a film, which could be an useless trait for you.

Weddings are really important in any person’s life. It is a start of their new life and it cannot just be seen as an event. At the same time, it cannot be a lengthy exercise and lecture from elders about why it is important to celebrate.

Spy Thrillers are not common in our Telugu Cinema. The original Spy of Telugu Cinema, Superstar Krishna started his spy journey as Agent Gopi in the movie Goodachari 116. Now, reminding the old movie name and the hero name, another Goodachari came our way trying to launch a franchise.

For any person in life, marriage becomes the only occasion that people force upon them after a certain age. Many end up getting frustrated with constant pestering and make a case for an attitude against marriage.

Many films try to come up with a simple premise to narrate a regular story with slight difference. They back on the characters and try to keep them as the main focus. You may believe the character or you may not, but the journey that they go through from point A to point B, is the major story.

Wedding is an important event in any person's life. It changes the route of their life and makes them live with responsibilities and emotional bonds. So, many say that we should plan it well and enjoy it to the fullest.

Cliches in Telugu Cinema are very common and we see every other film go in the same route. But the times are changing and every actor is looking to try something new with his film.  Still there are those heroes who are interested in following format and clichés without any doubt.

There are certain films that leave an impact on you while watching and certain films that just pass by and you don't feel anything even though they seem decently entertaining for the run-time.

Karthi has been doing very urban oriented movies from a long time. After a long gap, he decided to take up rural mass subject and act in it in his own style. On top of it, the movie is presented and produce by Suriya, his brother. Let's discuss about the movie further 

Nature is the true witness for anything that happens around us. Not just living but non-living things too can become witnesses to a story. A bike called, RX-100 becomes witness of a love lust story of two youngsters who are driven sexually and emotionally, in respect to their feelings.